IZOMAX POLYMAX is a product specially for construction projects that required high tensile strength it is resistant to temperature, differences ensures high endurance and provides utmost protection against damages. As a highly fear resistant product. It can be used in all kinds of waterproofing applications ensuring high performance.

IZOMAX POLYMAX provides protection in extreme temperature and the high quality polyester (160gr/m2) used as reinforcement helps the product to stick well to the surfaces and function as protective layer.


APP modified IZOMAX POLYMAX can be used in all areas and projects with high tensile requirements that require waterproofing such as bathrooms, roofs, terraces, foundations, basements, footing tanking, car parks, tank, lining, swimming pools, ramp areas and others


  • Installed by torch welding method loose laid or fully bonded to substrate. When loose laid only overlaps are bonded together.
  • 10cm (4inches) overtopping shall be allowed for joints and 15cm (6inches) overtopping for ends by using welding torch.
  • Mineral coated products may be used to protect the upper surface if no covering is planned.


  • Rolls should be installed in an upright position on to the delivery vehicle and stored and carried indoors in the same way.
  • should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays UV and to sudden changes of temperatures.
  • Rolls should be covered for protection form UV rays if they are to be stored for a long period of time.
  • No cutting or perfostion should be made after the application.
  • It should not be exposed to UV rays after application without mineral store cap sheet or protective coating.
  • Rolls should not be post one on top of another if stored without palletes.
  • Maximum two rows should be put one top of another if stored with palletes.


  • Applications to various types of substrates
  • Resists for the lifetime of the building
  • The quantity to be used can be determined before the application.