IZOGOLD Bituminous membrane reinforced with polyester, modified with SBS (Styrene Butadene Styrene)

Because of its high quality and durabilty all areas requiring waterproofing are safer with GOLD modified with high performance SBS polymer reinforcement 200 grm/2 IZOMAX GOLD has been designed for high-end construction thanks to its long-lived structure.

Modified with SBS IZOGOLD bituminous waterproofing membrane would be suggested for colder climate areas it is easy to apply at low temperatures.

With its strong and elastic structure which easily tolerates shrinkage, expansion and similar behaviors. It provided high performance waterproofing in cold climate areas and can be applied to metal roofs of industrial building.

IZOGOLD which is highly resistant to cold targets protection against pressure water with its high capability of elasticity, providing on any applied and protection that lasts the life of building despite physical difficulties.


Strength elasticity and durable reinforcement properties are synonymous with IZOGOLD bituminous waterproofing membrane maximizes the range of application areas.

It is designed for use as a waterproofing membrane over various types of substrates tha require waterproofing such as bridges, vaducts, highways curtain walls, foundations and projects with high tensile requirements, basement walls, balconies terrace roots, inclined roots, water tanks, manmade ponds, retaining walls, concrete channels as well as bathrooms and any wet surface.


  • 10cm(4inches) overtopping shall be allowed for joints and 15cm (6inches) overtopping for ends by using welding torch.
  • Mineral coated products may be used to protect the upper surface if no covering is planned.


  • All colors of mineral stone alternatives are available.


  • Rolls should be installed in an upright position on to the delivery vehicle and stored and carried indoors in the same way.
  • should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays UV and to sudden changes of temperatures.
  • Rolls should be covered for protection form UV rays if they are to be stored for a long period of time.
  • No cutting or perfostion should be made after the application.
  • It should not be exposed to UV rays after application without mineral store cap sheet or protective coating.
  • Rolls should not be post one on top of another if stored without palletes.
  • Maximum two rows should be put one top of another if stored with palletes.


  • Last the life time of the building
  • Applicable to various types of substrates
  • The quantity to be used can be determined before the application
  • Suitable for use in all kinds of climates