IZOMAX OXIDIZED is a oxidized asphalt produced by blowing of asphalt bitumen in absence of catalyst, complies with the requirements and specifications of ASTM D-36 & ASTM D-5 standard. IZOMAKS BITUMEN 115/15 has a hight softening point, high flash point and it is highly stable in melting.


  • IZOMAX OXIDIZED ASPHALT Type IV and 115/15 are used in the construction of built up roofs on inclines not exceeding 25% slope and type III and 85/25 on inclines not exceeding 12.5% slope.
  • It is used for protection of concrete , culverts retaining walls, conduits, decks etc.
  • As a crack filler in a black top surfaces, and mop coat for dam proofing.


The surface should be clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, oil and grease. Solvent base Bitumen Primer to be applied on all vertical, sloped and dusty surfaces and should dry before application of oxidized asphalt.


IZOMAX OXIDIZED ASPHALT is non flammable and non-hazardous.
Cares should be taken while heating and handling during application
Strictly recommended to use protective clothing, gloves, masks, goggles etc.
In the event of contact with hot oxidized asphalt on skin, immediately apply ice or cold water at first instance followed by seeking medical advice.


Hot applied using trowel, stiff brush or mop


Application will depend up on engineers requirement and my vary from project to project. As a general rule two coats are applied consuming 1kg per square meter per coat.


AvEquipment and tools should be clean using petroleum solvent.


IZOMAX OXIDIZED ASPHALT packed in 20 kg pail and 180 drum.


Indefinite life in close drums


Type III and type IV comply with ASTM D 312, 85/25 and 115/15 comply with BS 3690 part 2. Other ASTM and BS Grades are available on request.