IZOMAKS IZORUBBER is a single component cold applied, thixotropic SBR modified nontoxic water based bituminous waterproofing coating general purpose for water proofing and protective coating. Which dries to form high elastic, tough and seamless cured film which is act like a waterproofing system that resists of attack from weather salts and alkalis?


IZOMAKS IZORUBBER is used as as waterproofing most suitable for underground concrete foundations, basements, water tank, old bituminous surface etc. on a wide variety of surfaces like concrete, membranes, asbestos cement, brick, slates, metal surfaces etc.


It can by apply by soft brush, trowel, roller or by spray. Application procedures may vary slightly depending upon site conditions. Porous surfaces should be primed with IZOMAKS IZORUBBER


  • The entire surface must be clean, sound and free from dust and rust. Remove all laitance, oil and grease and other loose particles.
  • The surface must be prepared by mechanically scrubbing, brushing or blasting which will gives dry, clean and sound free exposed concrete surface. All imperfections and protrusions surfaces shall be removed and repaired. And damage and cracked surface should be repair.
  • Unpacked IZORUBBER IR525 sealed packed can and mixed well with the help of stirrer or by mechanically.
  • Minimum two coats are recommended and each coat should be perpendicular to each other and each coat should have interval of 4 to 8 hours it’s depending on the site and weather condition. Before application of coat makes sure first coat should be completely dry.
  • Leave the applied coating surface for a minimum period of 48 hours before application of any protection board or backfilling. Make sure the cured surfaced should not be puncher.


  • Cold applied
  • Easy to apply
  • Outstanding waterproof properties
  • Excellent water resistance to moist building substrates
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Can be applied in closed or confined area.
  • Prevents fungal growth


All the tools must be clean immediately with the tap water before and after work has been done.

Hands use a hand cleaner followed by soap and water.


Minimum of 0.6 – 0.8 kg/m2 the coverage can vary depending on the type of use and applied thickness.


Net weight 20kg, 100kg, 200kg with the open type drum.


IZOMAKS IZORUBBER should be stored under ventilated covered store at temperature between 5C and 45C. The shelf life of 12 months can be expected for unopened containers stored properly.