IZOMAX IZOPROOF is nontoxic solvent based cold applied waterproofing coating purpose for damp proofing. Which is IZOMAX IZOPROOF is a heavy duty general purpose bituminous emulsion coating. IZOMAX IZOPROOF is specifically formulated to provide high water vapour permeability with very high resistance to re-emulsification upon long term contact water.


  • Micro porous-breathing to avoid blistering
  • No re-emulsification in water
  • Uniform film without any joints
  • Ease of application
  • Non toxic and taint free
  • Stability and flexibility at high temperature
  • Water based (environmental friendly)


IZOMAX IZOPROOF is used as a general waterproofing coating on a wide variety of surfaces like concrete, bitumen, mastic asphalt, membranes, asbestos cement, brick, slates, tiles, metal surfaces etc.

It is also used in lining for non-portable water tanks. It is applied on its own or used with a reinforcing fabric.


The area of application must be thoroughly clean and should be repaired any damaged or cracked substrated. Porous surfaces should be primed with IZOPROOF diluted 1:1 with water. Apply IZOPROOF at the rate of 1.25 kg/m2 by soft brush or broom to dump or dry surfaces.

Application is eased by dampening before and during use. Allow first coat to dry and then apply the second coat at the same rate of 1.25 kg/m2. This coat is applied at right angles to the first. For reinforcement and additional strength at joints, open weave glass mesh may be spread over on top of the uncured first coat and under the second coat of IZOPROOF


Available in 100 kg  & 200 kg Drums.

IZOPROOF should be stored under ventilated covered store at temperature between 5°C and 45°C. The shelf life of 12 months can be expected for unopened containers stored properly.


Exceed the requirement of ASTM D 1227 type II.


Fire: Non Flammable when wet.

Skin: Avoid repeated or prolonged skin contamination. Remove with water when wet of with a hand cleaner when dry.

Eyes: No special precautions required. But if eyes become contaminated flush with copious amounts of clean water.


Keep tools in water during use. Clean with water when wet and with white spirit when dry.