IZOFELT is a nonwoven high performance geo-textiles are strong geo-synthethic fabric made of polyester using needle punching technology used in civil construction projects such as road or damp building that stabilizes loose soil and prevents erosion. It has high elongation ans UV resistance due to its 100% fibers used virgin white polyester.


  1. Separate: The use of IZOFELT to prevent the intermixing of dissimilar materials so that the functioning of both materials can reman inntact.
  2. Filtration: By permitting water flow while preventing the uncontrolled passage of soil particles.
  3. Reinforcement: IZOFELT resists stress or deformation of structures due to its tensile properties.
  4. Sealing: when impregnated with asphalt to act as a moisture barrier.
  5. Stress Absorption: In pavement overlay when impregnated with asphalt.
  6. Protection: IZOFELT has stress reduction properties to prevent damage of adjacent surface or layer.


IZOFELT Are used in Road and Railway soil stabilization. Asphalt pavement, Water roofing, Pipeline protection, Riverbank and Shore Protection Sub-surface drainage system, Waterproofing membrane protection, Landfill, Landscaping etc.

Health and Safety:

Toxicity – nontoxic and odorless

Flammability – It’s a PET short fiber non – woven polyester mat-non flammable.

Skin Contact – Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes and skin wash properly with tap water and soap.

Eye Contact – In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water but do not rub. If irritation continues consult to the doctor.