IZOSEALANT 5000: It is 15 is a water resistant low shrinkage elastomeric durable non flammable odorless sealant for sealing various type of joints where it forms tough highly durable plasto elastic seal.


  • Usage Sealing of joint in concrete , cement mortars , metal , ceramics , wood , stones and construction expansion joints .
  • Sealing of joint between aluminum sheets and roof walls in roofing S systems as well as for joints in windows and doors.
  • Sealing of joints in roof tiles and skirting of air conditioning and i ducting systems.

In all applications, the width of the joints must not exceed 30 mm.


IZOSEALANT 5000 can be applied using a caulking gun, glove, trowel or power extrusion.  All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, rust and other contaminants.  Prime the surface with IZOSEALANT 5000 primer by diluting IZOSEALANT 5000 with water in the ratio of 1: 2 and allow to dry completely.  Then apply IZOSEALANT 5000 by suitable application method required level.


Outer layer: 24 hours.

Inner layer: 7-14 days.


Store under a cover, preferably at a temperature of more than 5℃ and  below 38℃ . Keep away from direct sunlight and protect form frost.Close container  tightly when not in use.


When store in an original  unopened container, expected minimum shelf life is 18 months.


Toxocity: Nontoxic and odorless

Flammability: Non flammable when wet

Inhilation: During use avoid inhalation of dust if occur remove to fresh air. supply artificial respiration and or oxygen if artificial respiration necessary and get medical attention.

Skin Contact – Prolonged contact has to be avoided. Use Of a barrier cream or gloves will protect sensitive skin.

Eye Contact – In case of eye contact, rinse through with clean water but do not rub. If swallowed. seek medical attention immediately, do not vomiting

Safety – Wear suitable protective clothing gloves, safety shoes, eye protection and respiratory protective equipment.