IZOMAX IZOSEALANT is a one component water base universal joint sealant based on acrylic dispersion. Due to its unique composition resists cracking and it provide flexible and smooth finish that is suitable for interior and exterior use.


IZOMAX IZOSEALANT is a deal for frame works, e.g. window and door frame and wall, crack filling expansion joint. ceiling works. PVC pipe sealer, joint between concrete and brickwork, can be use all the porous surfaces such as concrete, brick and wood etc.


The entire surface must be clean , sound and free from dust and rust. Remove all laitance, oil and grease and all the loose particles.

The surface must be prepared by mechanically scrubbing, brushing or blasting which will gives clean exposed surface.

Joint dimensions Width = Depth, Width for joints (5-20mm) maximum. For highly porous surfaces should be primed with diluted.


Poured IZOMAX IZOSEALANT to the prepared substrate manually or with pneumatic caulking gun and excess sealer should be removed and finishing should be done by spatula or filling knife.


All the tools must be clean immediately with the tap water before and after work has been done.


IZOMAX IZOSEALANT has 24 months in original closed packaging from date of production in dry, cool and ventilated area. Keep away from all the resources of heat exposed in sun or humid area.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent bonding strength
  • Excellent adhesion without priming
  • Resist cracking and shrinkage
  • Over paintable
  • Long lasting
  • Non toxic
  • Very low VOC content
  • Non corrosive towards metals


Toxocity: Nontoxic and odorless

Flammability: Non flammable

Inhilation: During use avoid inhalation of dust if occur remove to fresh air. supply artificial respiration and or oxygen if artificial respiration necessary and get medical attention.

Skin Contact – Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes and skin wash immediately with tap water and soap.

Eye Contact – In case of eye contact, rinse through with clean water but do not rub. If swallowed. seek medical attention immediately, do not vomiting

Safety – Wear suitable protective clothing gloves, safety shoes, eye protection and respiratory protective equipment.