IZOCOAT – 1000 high performance cold applied high elastomeric waterproofing, water base acrylic based on the selective grade of polymer, that curing into a tough, elastic film from high-quality waterproofing membrane, high flexible, protected form UV. Cold or rapid changes in temperature, which can be applied by a soft brush, roller or spray.


Surface preparation is a very vital issue and this infuences the integrity of the waterproofing system, hence, care must be exercised when the preparation is done.

Concrete Surface

  • All the surfaces must be smooth, dry, and free from dust and rust.
  • Remove all the loose material by using a wire brush.
  • Remove all the excess amount of sand, clean oil, and grease.
  • Make sure all the surfaces are cured by tap water to remove excess loose materials.

Old Concrete Surface

All crack, leakage must repair by the cement mortar or seal joint.

Make sure all the surface must be curing by tap water or also remove excess loose materials.

From the old surface must be removed all the loose material, grease , oil and other contaminated substance etc. which should be removed by high water pressure blasting.

Before treatment of brooming treating that cleaned surface with the suitable fungicide.

Old Roof Tiles Surface

  • Replace all the damaged tiles and repair all joints.
  • Remove all the excess material in between the tiles and clean it by using a wire brush
  • Remove all the excess materials.
  • Surface must be free from grease and oil or other contaminated substance.
  • Clean all the surface by using tap water and let them dry for a minimum of 2hr.
  • Remove corrosion, moss, mildew, loose paint and rust areas by application of wire brush.
  • Before treatment of brooming, treat the cleaned surface with a suitable fungicide.
  • Clean all the surface excess loose paint dust by high pressured water

Old Asphalt Surface

  • For old bituminous surfaces clean with a high-pressure water broom and rebond with a suitable adhesive allow for curing.
  • Then prime the clean surface with IZOCOAT – 1000 diluted with 10 to 20% water.


IZOCOAT – 1000 waterproofing system can be applied on the desired surface like brick, concrete tiles, concrete surface, plywood, slated, and polyurethane surfaces, and can be used with or without reinforcement.

IZOCOAT – 1000 can be applied on the roof, exterior wall, kitchen, bathroom, ground sewage, water tank, etc.


Surfaces must be thoroughly clean, dry, and free from moisture, dust, and rust, grease, oil it can be applied by either a soft brush, roller, or spray. A minimum of two coats is recommended for the satisfactory period of recoating interval after 1st coat is completely dried.


For the first coat, IZOCOAT – 1000 may dilute (10 to 20% water). Greater dilution may lead to weaker bonding with substrate for the second coat no need be dilute water just use pure acrylic and apply two coats with a gap of 1 to 2 hr each at the approximate rate of 0.7kg/m2. make sure before the second coat is applied, the first coat must be completely dry.

The second coat must be applied perpendicular to the first coat to achieve complete waterproofing.


IZOCOAT – 1000 may be applied by a soft brush, roller or spray gun. At the end of the second coat, it gives yoou (0.8 – 1 mm) thickness, if you want more thick go for the further coat.

Each coat must be applied perpendicular to the first coat.


Closed container storage under moderated temperatures above 50C and below 300C protects against sunlight and frost. Don’t store directly from sunlight it may lead to damage to your material.