IZOFLEX – 7000 are two elastic compound, high flexible polymers modified cementitious waterproof coating that requires only making to form of the ideal waterproofing surface. Component A is a mortar based on mixture of cement, sand additives. Once applied and cured IZOFLEX – 7000 provide non toxic, highly flexible and waterproof coating with very high adhesion on those common substrates use in construction such as concrete, natural and artificial stone, bricks, concrete blocks etc. It protects from UV, cold or rapid changes in temperature, which can be applied with a soft brush, roller, trowel or spray.


  • Easily to apply by brush, roller or by spray or trowel applied product. It is resist from UV radiation.
  • Provides a fully flexible coating which ensures complete waterproofing even in the most severe conditions, as high negative hydro static pressure.
  • A fully cured membrane if 1 to 2mm thickness is vapor permeable and allows the substrates to breath.
  • Excellent protection for concrete, being a co2 and chloride (CI-) bqrrier and thereby preventing carbonation and electrochemical corrosion.
  • Resists the negative hydrostatic pressure from ground water when it is used in underground interior applications.
  • Environmentally friendly, long lasting than other coating. avoiding maintenance cost.
  • Non-toxic and chloride free. Suitable for contact with potable water.
  • Bonding well to damp substrates without priming.
  • Excellent bonding strength of porous and non-porous surface.


Surface preparation is a very vital issue and this influences the integrity of the waterproofing system. Hence care must be exercised when the preparation is done.


  • The entire surface must be clean sound and fine pored. It mus be free from grease, dust, cracks and ridges.
  • Remove all the loose material by using a wire brush or treatment of broom.
  • Remove all sand dust and free from oil and grease.
  • Surface should be free from grease, oil and other contaminated substance etc. which should be removed by high water pressure blasting.
  • Before treatment broom treating that cleaned surface with the suitable fungicide.
  • All crack, leakage must repair by the cement sand mortar, cold mastic or sealant joint.
  • Make sure all the surface must be cured by tap water before application of IZOFLEX 7000 for better bonding to the substrate.


IZOFLEX – 7000 can apply for waterproofing water structures, exterior basement wall, balconies, kitchen/bathrooms, under the floors, ground sewage, sewage treatment, plants, swimming pools, foundations, water tank, exposed and decoupled roofs, sealing of expansion and backing to marble granite to prevent water ingress and surface staining to protect from carbonation and chloride attack etc.

  • Waterproofing of below grade structures surface such as brick, concrete tiles, concrete surfaces, lining for retaining structures / swimming pools, sea water structures.
  • Waterproofing and protection of concrete against carbonation chloride attack.


IZOFLEX – 7000 having two compounds part “A” waterproof powder and part “B” liquid acrylic co-polymers both products part “A” and part “B” are allow to be mixed at the job site.

  • Pour the entire liquid polymer component into a clean container and add powder component gradually while mixing with a low speed mixing with the speed of (400-600 rpm) stirrer until a lump free mass is achieved.
  • Minimum (2-3) minutes are requiring for stirrer until a uniform consistency is achieved.
  • Do not add water and keep liquid/powder ratio as the package supplied.
  • Depending on existing temperature and relative humidity, pot life expected will be between 30 minutes and one hour.


Per layer: achieving 2 IZOFLEX – 7000 is applied in two layers of approximately 1.0-1.5 kg/m consumption depends on porosity and texture of the 2 total consumption of 2.0-3.0 kg/m surface, a preliminary test on site is recommended to determine the exact consumption.