izomax PRIME D-41 is a premium quality, cold applied, fast curing printer, fast curing primer, complies with the requirements and specifications of ASTM D-41 standard, which is blended with selective grade of oxidized bitumen and fast curing solvents, wetting and saturation additives.


izomax PRIME D-41 is a universal primer that can be use concrete roofing, brick metal wall surface and waterproofing below or above ground level. It helps to the waterproofing materials adhere better to the application of modified bitumen membranes.


The surface to be waterproofed should be clean dry and free from oil, grease and any other foreign matters. IZOMAKS PRIMER D-41 should be thoroughly stirred before use and applied to the substrate by soft brush, roller or spray at the rate of(200-300 gr/m2). Before application of subsequent layers should allowed to dry.


TOOLS Clean with petroleum solvents. HANDS use a hand cleaner or solvent followed by soap and water.


Contains petroleum grades of solvent; flammable, keep away from open fire, spark or other ignition sources, were protective cloths safety shoe, gloves and goggles.


izomax PRIME D-41 should be stored under ventilated covered store at temperature between 5C and 30C. The shelf of 24 months can be expected for unopened containers stored properly.


Available in 200kg, 100kg and 18Ltr.


at the rate of (0.2-0.3) kg/m2 by roller, soft brush or spray to dump or dry surfaces.


Exceed the performance requirements of ASTM D-41.


Fire Flammable when wet flash point 40c.

SKIN Avoid repeated or prolonged skin contact if contact occurs remove with hand cleaner that removes oil and grease and clean with soap and water.

EYES No special precautions required. But if eyes contact cause irritation, flash with clean water.