izomax IZOPROOF is nontoxic solvent based cold applied waterproofing coating purpose for damp proofing. Which is specially formulated with a selected petroleum solvent and penetration grade of bitumen and life enhancing additives. When apply from elastic bituminous film with ac like as waterproofing system that resist of attack from weather, salts and alkalis


izomax IZOPROOF is used as a waterproofing most suitable for underground concrete foundations, basements, water tank, old bituminous surface etc, on a wide variety of surface like concrete, membranes, asbestos cement, brick, slates, tiles, metal surfaces etc.


The surface to be waterproofed should be clean, dry and free from dirt dust and rust and should be repaired any damaged or cracked substrates. Porous surfaces should be primed with IZOPROOF


TOOLS Clean with petroleum solvent; flammable; keep away from open fire, spark or other ignition sources, were protective cloths, safety shoes, gloves and goggles.


izomax IZOPROOF should be stored under ventillated covered store at temperature between 5C and 30C. The shelf life of 24 months can be expected for unopened containers stored properly.


Available in 200kg, 100kg and 20Ltr.


at the rate of 0.4-0.6kg/m2 by roller, soft brush or broom to dump or dry surfaces.


Exceed the performance requirements of ASTM D 1227 type II.


FIRE Flammable when wet flash point 40c.

SKIN Avoid repeated or prolonged skin contact; if contact occurs remove with hand cleaner that removes oil and grease; when clean with soap and water.

EYES No special precautions required. But if eyes contact cause irritation, flush with clean water.