Izomax Primer

IZOMAX PRIMER is a cold applied general purpose roofing primer which is blended with some petroleum solvents and compounded with wetting and saturation additives. It complies with the ASTM D 41 standard.
The bitumen material functions as Izomax Primer before the waterproofing material is applied.
When the solvent in its formula is evaporated; the product forms a waterproof layer on the surface.
Thanks to its high adhesive capacity izomaks primer helps the waterproofing material

  1. Technical Data
  2. Packaging
    •  18 Liters pails
    •  200 Liters Drums

Izomaks primer is used as a coat before waterproofing material is applied.
As primer on cement finish in (pirouetting) application with hot bitumen facilitate disassembling of construction molds.
In horizontal and vertical application areas foundation wet areas in kitchen and bathrooms isolation to high-pressure water and used with materials such as polyester reinforcing fabric or chopped glass fibers, etc

  • Protect from direct sunlight and freezing.
  • Shelf life is 12 months from the date of production if it is kept sealed.
  • Palettes should not be put on the top of another.
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